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Home Sales in Talbott (Hamblen County) 2019

The interactive map below shows all home sales in Talbott for 2019 .  You can click on each placemark to see the address, list price, and sold price of each home.  

2019 in Review

In 2019, 80 homes sold in Talbott.  The average sales price was $210,492 which is up from the 2018 average sales price of $160,101.  Average days on the market was 94- meaning from the time a home was listed til it closed, it only took 94 days.  Where do you want to be in 90 days?  

2019 Stats

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Extremely professional

Extremely professional and a great communicator! She had great professional photos taken and checked on the property in my absence. Helped me get the property ready initially for showing with cleaning help and staging.

I hired Amy and was glad I did!

I hired Amy to sell my home with property in East Tennessee and was glad I did.  Amy is easy to work with and very knowledgeable about the area. She worked hard to market my property and get it sold.  I am very thankful for Amy.

We were not disappointed.

Amy was recommended to us and we were not disappointed. She helped us get a quick and painless closing.  Would highly recommend.  I was always informed of what was going on.  Amy was very responsive and led me through the process.

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